Terms and conditions of the car drawing
How to Play
You have the opportunity to try to guess, either for free or for a fee (when participating in a live line), the
winning number* in the range from 1 to 10 000 and make your bet.

As soon as 10,000 bets are made (i.e. 10,000 avatars bought in our case,
as paid bets do not count towards the lottery total), the first draw will take place.
the first drawing. After the next 10,000 bets, the next drawing will be held, and so on.

* The winning number is a randomly generated number between 1 and 10,000.

How and when the winner is determined
After the registration of bets is finished everyone will receive a message with the information about the online broadcast, where the result of the draw will be announced and the winner will be named.

The winner is the one who guessed the winning number.
If no one guessed the winning number - the winner is the one who made a bet on the number that is
as close to it as possible.

If several people made a bet equally close to the winning number or several
or several people have guessed it, the winner will be the one who invited the most new participants to the lottery.

If several people have the same number of invitations, the winner will be the one
who has the most avatars (referrals) in total.

If users have the same number of avatars, the winner will be the one who was the first to bid.

How the prize is awarded

The winner will be invited to Dubai for a ceremonial presentation of a CAR.

The user who used his referral link to invite the lottery winner will also receive the prize.
That is why it is advantageous to invite as many people as possible to increase your chances of winning a prize!

** Details will be communicated personally to the winner.

Integrity Control
Before the draw, a Hash string (Sha512 algorithm) is generated, which contains the Server seed (salt)
and a number (from 1 to 10 000). This is the encrypted winning number, fixed before the start of the drawing.

This method guarantees 100% honesty (the result of the game can not be changed or tampered with, because it would change the Hash).

How to check that the magic number hasn't been changed
Initially, you see the Hash of the chosen number.
After the draw and the winner is announced, you find out the winning number and the "salt",
which is used in the hashing. If you wish, you can check the Hash that was at the beginning,
and the result of the hashing of the number with the salt. That way you can make sure everything is fair.

To check:

-Copy the Hash before the game starts;
-After the broadcast, click on the link;
-The page with detailed information will open;
-Click the "Copy" button;
-Paste into any independent SHA-512 generator (For example: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3);
-Hash must match the Hash before the game starts, this indicates that the game has not been tampered with!

For example:

- You copied the Hash before the game started;
- After you finished, clicked on the link and you will open a page with more information;
- Copy the values Server Seed 2, (underscore character) Number (winning number), (underscore character), Server Seed 2.
- And you got the string c101af96943f1b6ef32925936bfd2d5ec_5987_44d81e0b758a4d3b8f86245f712c5906;
- Insert the string into the SHA-512 generator;
- We get the same Hash as before the game.

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